ISLAND ‘A Place You Like’

The London quartet, ISLAND, have just released their new EP entitled A Place You Like. The four-track EP begins with Waves. When lead singer Rollo Doherty’s raspy voice booms through the speakers, it’s as if you’re transported to another place. The beautiful guitar blends perfectly with the slow, soft pace in the background. A Place You Like is a brilliantly built track that you will definitely have on repeat after first listen. Dreaming Of starts off with stunning instrumental melodies that flow with Rollo’s velvety voice intricately. All You Ever Needed Was Love brings dreamy guitar and heavy vocals together to form an amazing, stadium-esque sound. The track is extremely strong and definitely stands out amongst the previous numbers. Overall, each song shares an intoxicating sound but in a very unique way. It’s an EP to get lost in.

Listen to the EP below and follow ISLAND on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud. You can also purchase the A Place You Like here.


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