SXSW Recap: Our Favorite Artists from the Week

SXSW is an annual week-long festival held in Austin, Texas. The trek to Austin was long but definitely worth it as there were several amazing performers. Our favorite artists of the week were Her’s, Marika Hackman, Blaenavon, Sundara Karma, and The Velveteins.

Marika Hackman is a fabulous singer-songwriter from Hampshire, England. She absolutely blew our minds at the Urban Outfitter’s stage on March 18th. Her latest single Boyfriend, from upcoming album I’m Not Your Man, was a huge crowd-pleaser and a mega tune in general. We urge you to listen to Marika and pre-order her upcoming album here. Her’s are a dream-pop duo from Liverpool made of Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading. We saw them a few times throughout the week and were floored by each live performance, as their stage presence alone is enough to win over a crowd. All the tracks sounded stunning and those from their upcoming ‘collection of songs’ were extraordinary. Out May 12, preorder Song’s of Her’s here. Blaenavon are a trio from Liphook, England and they made their return to SXSW this year. With the release of their debut album not even a month away, you can tell the band are getting more and more eager to release That’s Your Lot to the worlds’ ears. Their live performance has grown immensely over the past year along with their confidence. The band definitely know what they’re after and that is crafting brilliant, banging tracks, winning over crowds across the globe, and being the best band they can possibly be. After each Blaenavon show I see, I grow prouder and prouder knowing they’re so close to accomplishing the world. Make sure to preorder That’s Your Lot here. Sundara Karma are a quartet from Reading, England. Their youthful choruses and enigmatic sets make for the ultimate live show. They played hits like Loveblood, A Young Understanding, and She Said along with slower, sadder tracks like Happy Family. Their debut album Youth Is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect was released in early 2017 and they’ve gained a huge following since then. Sundara Karma are a phenomenal band with a roaring live set; you can listen to them here. Last but certainly not least are The Velveteins from Edmonton, Canada. The three-piece played two shows at South By and a few others throughout their journey to and from Canada. The tracks sounded raw and catchy beside a humorous set that left you wanting more. You can listen to the latest from The Velveteins here.

Pictured above is Marika Hackman. Photo Credits to Steve Gullick.


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