Song of the Week: Palace’s ‘Blackheath’

Our song of the week is one of great beauty entitled Black Heath. It’s a jewel found on 2016’s best album So Long Forever by London-quartet, Palace.

It begins with the melding of What would they say if I ruled the world? and the seamless strums of guitar. The sincerity in Leo Wyndham’s silky vocals fused with a mask of warmth and serenity allows you to slip into a utopia of tranquility. As the cleverly-written solo trickles in, you’ll feel goosebumps creeping up your spine out of pure delight and awe. Offering hints of blues alongside a range of pitches, you’ll find is so satisfyingly addicting that you’ll never get enough. You can listen to the four and a half minutes of monumental perfection below.



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